About us


CAN's vision is for a strong and impactful social economy that creates a better society.


To deliver our vision for the public, our mission is to support social organisations to maximise their impact, sustainability and where appropriate, growth. We deliver on this mission by addressing the three key barriers Premises, Skill and Finance.



Generous in sector support, we work collaboratively, share skills and knowledge to achieve


Driven with creative hunger, we challenge norms, harnessing passion and energy to deliver


Approachable, flexible and caring, we have faith in people, respect individuality and give a voice


We take risk, act transparently, with integrity, honesty and courage to challenge and be heard


CAN is a registered charity trading as a social enterprise and is committed to helping other charities and social ventures thrive, grow and maximize their impact. We strive to achieve that by offering business support, capital and flexible, affordable office space and a lot more besides.


To build sustainable businesses, social entrepreneurs need business support, experience from their peers, capital funds and even space to grow. That’s where CAN helps through CAN Invest services and CAN Mezzanine, charity office space.