5p Charge on plastic bags raises over ĀL29 million for good causes


A recent survey by the government has confirmed that the levy on plastic bags, which launched in October 2015 has raised over £29 million for charities and community groups.

Helping the environment and raising vital funds for charitable causes

Figures from the government revealed that they estimated six billion fewer plastic bags would be taken home by shoppers from big retailers as a result of the levy being enforced. This is the equivalent to  the weight of: 

Plastic bag figures reveal money being raised for charity

Figure Source:

Large retailers including Marks and Spencer’s, Aldi and Sainsbury’s have all administered the 5p charge on plastic bags. The Christian Aid Foundation have redistributed £10 million of donations from the levy to community groups and charities including two CAN Customers (RSPB & WWF who live at our Old Street Mezzanine) and other big names:

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Why was a 5p charge enforced?

Also included in the survey was some startling figures on the importance of reducing plastic wastage. Eight million tonnes of plastic material finds its way into our oceans, posing a very serious threat to our natural and marine environment. By reducing our plastic bag use, we are not only helping to safeguard the future of our planet as a whole, we are helping to raise vital funds for the local communities we call home to continue their fantastic work. 



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