Annual Collaboration Survey Results are in!


collaboration results

It’s been another great year for collaboration across CAN Mezzanine locations. We received more survey responses than ever before on our annual collaboration survey.  

Here some of our customers share their stories:


63% of customers benefitted from peer learning, a significant increase on 22% in 2016. 

CAN Mezzanine Old street


IAPO conference

A4ID assisted IAPO in obtaining pro-bono advice to clarify the legal position and potential implications of a UN resolution for patient rights. This included drafting a memorandum supporting IAPO's work and obtaining strategic insight. This resulted in IAPO's stakeholders increased understanding of how the UN resolution could potentially affect their work in Africa. A4ID lawyers were invited to IAPO's Africa Meeting.

monkey IAPO conference

"There was one delegate who impressed us all with his legal knowledge. He sat on the ledge!"

  • Kawaldip Sehmi, CEO, IAPO


92% of customers believe being based at CAN Mezzanine is important for collaboration. 


Irene Taylor Trust

“Going to the pub with the other organisations has been good for morale and great fun! The Sprint Hacks often continue after the scheduled hour when those you have been in the room with continue the conversation or pass over the piece of info they suggested. This is a helpful knowledge exchange. We’ve been able to loan people equipment for their conferences. I’ve also been an unofficial mystery shopper for another organisation, ensuring a product they thought was (and should have been) on the shelves of my local supermarket wasn’t. I managed to get some info for them which they weren’t able to get themselves. Overall, having conversations with others on our floor gives you a fresh perspective.”

  • Sara Lee, Artistic Director, Irene Taylor Trust


32% of CAN Mezzanine customers are sharing clients, up from 21% in 2016.

CAN Mezzanine Borough

Local Trust and Shared Assets

local trust

“With Shared Asset’s support we are piloting support across a number of Big Local areas which have prioritised Land based work and are looking to make local assets more accessible to their communities.”

  • Gabriel Davies, Programme co-ordinator, Local Trust


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