Being Advantaged Thinking Taster Day by The Foyer Federation


Being Advantaged Thinking Taster Day by The Foyer Federation

Find out how Advantaged Thinking can transform and enhance your approach to working with young people.

The Foyer Federation has developed a framework which enables services and individuals to ‘be’ Advantaged Thinkers. Advantaged Thinking sets out to challenge the deficit-based approaches that underpin so many services for young people. It is an asset based approach, seeing young people as possibilities for investment rather than ‘problems’ to be solved.

What will you learn?

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

– Identify Advantaged Thinking as opposed to Disadvantaged Thinking

– Understand and explore the vision, values and impact of Advantaged Thinking

– Express Advantaged Thinking strategies and apply these to your role and organisation

– Create an Advantaged Thinking action plan to sustain a commitment to Advantaged Thinking and innovation


Member rate: £105

Non-member rate: £130

The Foyer Federation offer a bespoke Advantaged Thinking package for your team to explore your values, vision and activities and how Advantaged Thinking can enhance your work. To find out more please contact John Percival, Development Manager, via email: or phone: 07875 553686

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