6 benefits of face-to-face communication


face to face meeting

Services such as teams and Google Meet and Zoom have facilitated remote working and proved a saving grace during the Covid-19 crisis. However, being able to interact with our colleagues is a huge part of what makes heading to work a pleasure and not a pain. While decentralising services has its pros, we are a social species. Therefore, businesses can only expect to prosper from maintaining a degree of real human interaction.


Let’s take a look at the benefits of in-person meetings.


  1. In Person Meetings Are More Efficient


The issue with technology is it is often more capable than the user. As a result, the online meeting can be plagued by poor internet set-ups, slow or out of date equipment, frozen screens, and even unwelcome filters. Additionally, when you are all sat together in the same space you can maintain control of the conversation and keep the team focussed, with fewer distractions and interruptions.


  1. Body Language Can Help Build Trust


First impressions count, particularly when meeting new clients. You will want to build trust, and body language can play a powerful role in this. Facial expressions and gestures can convey positivity and authenticity that just can’t be replicated remotely.


  1. Remote Meetings Inhibit Clear Communication


Digital communications lack tone of voice, and if the context of the message is ambiguous you may have to wait a long time for clarification. Additionally, when working on collaborative projects, remote communications may slow progress and increase confusion if staff are not able to be concise with their instructions. All in all, getting back to face-to-face meetings, means a return to clear communication and improved productivity.


  1. Face-to-Face Fosters Stronger Teams


So much communication in the office happens over messenger or email these days but getting time to socialise in person is worth its weight in gold. The ability to be together can cement social bonds and make teams stronger. A casual chat before a formal meeting is a great way to build on business relationships and can certainly help you get to know and trust the people you are working with.


  1. Being Together in the Office Encourages Involvement


While virtual meetings have been a godsend, the dynamic between participants may not be optimal. Also, as groups grow larger it can be even harder to know when to speak: a problem that can easily be reduced by meeting in the same room.


  1. Being Back in the Workplace Is Good for Mental Health


After nearly a year of isolation, heading back to the workspace will be a breath of fresh air for many of us. While remote working has been temporarily essential, mental health and well-being has been seriously tested. Particularly for those living alone, being able to return to a Covid-safe workspace with colleagues and friends will be a restorative and positive moment.


Online VS Face-to-Face Meetings – Which Is Best?


While remote working software has kept many businesses afloat, nothing beats meeting in person. Whether on a full-time, part-time, or even an adhoc basis, having a physical office space where you can catch up with your colleagues, motivate staff, and have coffee with clients is invaluable to business growth and development.


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