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CAN Mezzanine Launches CANNECT Live Chat!


CAN Mezzanine Launches CANNECT Live Chat!

CAN Mezzanine are launching a new digital feature to the CANNECT social network- a live chat function! Exclusively for customers on the CAN Mezzanine.

Live chat will enable customers in the five Mezzanines (Borough, Old Street, Loman Street, Hounslow and Bermondsey) to communicate instantly to share ideas, network and collaborate.

Change Please

To celebrate the launch of CANNECT Live Chat, CAN are offering customers in each of its Mezzanines the chance to win a £250 donation towards a charity of their choice. The prize will go to one lucky winner in each building, to whoever chats the most between 15th- 22nd November. CAN have also teamed up with one of its CAN³ customers, Change Please, who during Live Chat launch week are parking one of their coffee vans outside each Mezzanine. Customers will be able to get 50p off coffee exclusively with their Live Chat postcard.

Find out more about how your organisation can benefit from office desk space at CAN Mezzanine. 

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