Celebrating Sector Success


Since 1998 CAN have helped over 2,000 organisations in the not-for-profit sector supporting them to thrive and grow by providing premises, skills and finance. 

With this year marking our 20th Anniversary we’re more eager than ever to help highlight success in the sector, the recent Third Sector Awards gave us the perfect opportunity to do that.

Sponsoring and celebrating Big Impact 

For several years we have sponsored an award category and this year chose the ‘Big Impact’ award which is awarded to a project that has had a substantial impact on national or International life. 

We were over the moon to see this award go to Mercy Corps (previoulsy a CAN Mezzanine customer) who were recognised for their work in supporting Syrian refugees residing in Jordanian host communities. Through complementing existing Consortium services Mercy Corps provided a complex referral system that provides legal, medical and psychological support wot refugees with specific needs. As of July 2017 they reached around 26,500 vulnerable people at a cost of USD $75 per person. 

Huge Congratulations to Mercy Corps.

Celebrating Customer Success 

It was also great to see Genetic Alliance and Wood Green (both CAN Mezzanine customers) shortlisted for awards. 

Genetic Alliance 

Based at CAN Mezzanine, Old Street were Highly Commended in the Communications Team of the Year award. Through using free and very low-cost digital tools and techniques the small team managed to increase social media following by over 11,300 in one year. In addition, by the Communications team cascading expertise and learning through member organisations key messages have been amplified further. 

Congratulations Genetic Alliance.

Wood Green

Based at CAN Mezzanine, Old Street were Finalists in the Comms Agency of the Year. With an ambitious brief Wood Green worked closely with Campfire resulting in a move from a reliance in direct mail to predominantly TV and digital based engagement and new interactive supporter journeys that improve longer-term returns. 

Congratulations Wood Green and Campfire. 

It’s time to shout loud about Sector Success!

 With the 2018 Third Sector Awards providing an opportunity for social organisations to share and celebrate successes it is always an event that CAN support and one we believe is of great importance to the sector in celebrating positive work. 

But, how many social organisations don’t celebrate and share success? With 1,000s of social organisations creating a positive social impact and changing people’s lives we believe it’s now more important than ever to shout loud about success and show other sectors just how important our sector is. 

In a recent comment following the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) Andrew Croft, Chief Executive, CAN said about social organisations; 

“This is an economic reality not a sporting triumph and the sooner this is recognised the sooner the future of business that creates social value will be realised as a universal truth with the resulting economic impact.” 

Let’s work together as a sector and ensure the strength and capability we have is seen by all.

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