Charity Campaign to donate your #firstfiver has gone viral.


Charity Campaign to donate your #firstfiver has gone viral.

We love seeing the power that social media has to help spread the message of charities and good causes. In mid September, the eagerly awaited plastic five-pound note was released. One man saw an opportunity for a small social media campaign and began to encourage the public to donate their first polymer fiver and it’s gone viral!

It all started with a single tweet from John Thompson, a corporate fundraising consultant from Herefordshire, who pledged to donate his first new fiver to a good cause and asked if his followers would be doing the same. He said he jumped on the bad press the notes were getting and wanted to turn it into something good:

"People were being really negative about the new design, and I just thought charities would be more than happy to have them - that's where the idea came from." Source BBC.

It wasn’t long before charities realised they could utilise the power of social media to spread the word. The hashtags #firstfiver, #givefive and #fivergiver started to rapidly circulate to appeal for donations and it has proven a great success. Social media users have taken to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share them donating their first fivers and talking about the cause they have chosen to give them to.

By the end of the first weekend around £1000 had been pledged to charities; a figure which is only set to rise as more charities and businesses get involved and more of the new notes find their way into our pockets! The Institute of Fundraising and NCVO have backed the campaign, while charities such as The Children’s Society, Blue Cross and Sue Ryder were among the first charities to be on-board. 

Have you had your #FirstFiver? Who will you be donating to? 


#FirstFiver donation to Mind Charity


#FirstFiver donation to Alzheimer's charity

#FirstFiver donation to Oxfam

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