Customer Insight - the CANtelopes can! The Mezzanine Softball team


Customer Insight - the CANtelopes can! The Mezzanine Softball team

The CAN Mezzanine softball team 'The CANtelopes' was spearheaded by Sarah Oxley of Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust to play in the London Charity Softball League. The league started in 2003 with the aim to bring charity sector workers together to network and socialise. The league has grown over the last 12 years and now has 80 teams taking part.

The team is made up 17 core players from CAN Mezzanine, Old Street from a variety of organisations including Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, Disability Rights UK, Sarcoma UK, NCCA, NCVYS and Supporters DirectCANtelopes human pyramid

The CANtelopes ("the antelopes who can...not to be confused with 'cantaloupes'" says Oxley) take part in matches in Hyde Park and Regents Park. Matches take place every week between May and August; the league has just finished and for a brand new team with only 3 players who have ever played before, their two wins are fantastic. You can see the full list of results for Group 3 of the league here.

Their kit and t-shirts were kindly sponsored by CAN and Greatcoat Films (a local film production company).

Sarah Oxley says, "being part of the CAN Mezzanine softball team has made the summer for me – there isn’t anything much better than spending sunny evenings playing softball in the park with a bunch of really lovely, fun people."

You can follow the team on Twitter: @GoCantelopes and the league has a twitter feed: @CharitySoftball, hashtag: #LCSL and a Facebook page:

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