ella Forums – Developing the CEO’s of the present and the future


ella Forums – Developing the CEO’s of the present and the future

CAN Mezzanine have recently welcomed leadership development CIC, Ella Forums to the 3rd floor of its Old Street office. 


ella forums is a leadership development CIC (Community Interest Company) who run monthly forums and 1-2-1 coaching sessions for the CEO’s and Emerging Leaders of Charities and Social Enterprises. By attending the groups, Members can hear from guest speakers, share best practise with other Members and receive coaching from experts. Speakers are tailored to the needs of the members of each group and best practise is shared via peer-to-peer mentoring whereby the group discuss how to resolve individual issues. 

Kieron Tarling, CEO of ella forums said, “CEO’s are invariably in a very lonely position. They can’t always go to trustees with issues and problems or share with staff members because of maintaining a level of confidence in the organisation and there’s confidentiality to think about. So having the opportunity under Chatham House Rule to discuss the issues you’re facing with your peers is a very powerful opportunity.

“There are leaders of third sector organisations who are very passionate about what they do but they have certain skillsets that need developing. Each Group Chair, backed up by the organisation and its partners aim to help develop Individual Members leadership skills and introduce and encourage partnerships with other organisations”.

“There are many organisations which provide leadership training but when a candidate finishes a course there is the potential for their learning journey to stall or become less relevant. ella Membership is a place where we can help maintain and further develop a Members Leadership Learning and nurture their growth.”

In July, ella forums was awarded the opportunity to open 11 new groups across the country in partnership with the Lloyds Bank Foundation. The news followed a successful six-month pilot scheme, whereby forty Lloyds Bank Foundation Grant beneficiaries from charities in Birmingham, Cardiff and Bristol sent their CEO to an ella group in their area for six months. 

“CAN seems very well organised; the meeting rooms and the workspaces are great and it’s the right kind of environment. Having hot desks has proved very useful for our part-time staff and free tea and coffee is always a bonus! The simplicity of moving in was the key thing for us because we face a lot of other time pressures as we rapidly grow and we needed desk space as soon as possible for our expanding team.” Find out more about ella Forums by visiting its website.


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