Ethical Market spending in the UK grows to £38bn


Ethical Market spending in the UK grows to £38bn

In a recent blog, we looked into volunteering and whether it was time for GP’s to start adding it to prescriptions, due to it’s positive impact on both communities and our own well-being. In this blog, we look into how positive social impact is reflected in the wider community and, what businesses are doing to help increase social impact and value.

The Ethical Consumer Markets Report, published by Ethical Consumer Magazine and Triodos Bank has shown that:

  • Ethical sales are up by 8% - this is a testament to a shift in spending attitudes and social impact continuing to drive change, as inflation barely rose above 0.5%.
  • The overall value of the Ethical market has grown to a staggering £38bn from £35bn last year
  • Ethical investment also grew by 19% to £13bn – businesses are also embracing their social responsibility for positive social impact.
  • Combined ethical money & ethical spending totals rose from £78bn to £80bn.

For wider sector figure breakdowns, the full report can be downloaded for free.

It is great to see that despite the economic challenges, both business and individuals are embracing their social responsibilities, showing positive social impact is continuing to grow in the wider community and is a driving force for change.

So what are businesses doing in the community?

The Business Quarter posts a monthly roundup of businesses that strive to give back to their local communities. Included in the January bulletin was managed print services provider, Xeretec Scotland, who have raised more than £10,000 supporting a selection of charities throughout 2015 by carrying out a range of projects and fundraising events.

Employees at the firm also rolled up their sleeves in 2015 to help paint a retirement home on behalf of the Mungo Foundation, a Glasgow charity with a range of community-based care and support services to people with learning difficulties.…. The full bulletin contains stories of businesses all around the UK giving back to their communities.


How is CAN contributing to this?

CAN is committed to assisting social enterprises and VCSE’s maximize their social impact and drive positive change in their communities. In the past week, we have announced that we are shaking up the Social Market with a game-changing investment fund.

In eight years CAN has gone from totally grant-dependent to achieving 99% trading income, enabling us to provide high quality, affordable premises for the third sector. CAN now provides office space for 1,400 individuals working for social impact – helping 200 organisations to stay in London with the added benefits of a supportive infrastructure and peer-to-peer networking.


Find out about the exciting changes happening at CAN and how we can help your social enterprise grow and thrive with our dedicated CAN3 service.

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