Facebook to roll out donations button later this year


Facebook to roll out donations button later this year

We recently looked at what the future would be for front line fundraising after 13% of Brits reported having felt pressurised into donating to charity. With a new app from Ralli being launched this year which allows donators to send money directly from their phones, and Facebook announcing trials of a donate button, it seems that fundraising via online sources is becoming more and more popular. 

A move to digital donations?

New methods for fundraising being rolled out from big players such as Facebook is a welcome sign for the third sector which has been struck by a string of bad press over recent months. YouGov recently revealed that 31% of the public were being deterred from donating due to street fundraisers, therefore with new features such a donate button will we see a change in this downward trend?

Embracing digital


In a recent blog, we looked at the importance of charities embracing digital as part of their marketing efforts as a key for their survival. With updates such as new features on social media to promote donations, the time to embrace digital has never been more important.

The Facebook donate button is currently only available to US charities but, the button is looking to be made available to UK charities at some point this year. John Carr, partner manager at Facebook Europe said at a conference recently that ‘770,00 Facebook users helped raise over $15m to aid with the Nepal Earthquake through the trial (of the donate button)’.  

With viral campaigns such as the Ice Bucket challenge for ALS, which dominated social media feeds a few years ago, it is clear that social media has the power to unlock a lot more fundraising opportunity for charities. Carr supported this stating: “The opportunity in this would be all within the Facebook platform – all the 1.6 billion users who are there – would have the opportunity to click donate on the platform and remove so many barriers.”


Social Media and charities

If you are new to social media and are unsure where to start Facebook have launched a new tool called Facebook for non-profits This dedicated webpage has tools and tips on how to help build your community page and promote your cause. We also have a blog giving you some insight into the types of content to be posting and how to get your social media right.

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