Get your Social Media right this year


Get your Social Media right this year

Over the past few years, social media has demonstrated the impact it can have on businesses and individuals alike. A good example from the Christmas period was the Text Santa campaign: this year the advertising and social media presence was optimised and as a result the campaign raised its highest ever amount. ITV confirmed the final figure at £8.5m, which is split between three charities (Make a Wish, Macmillan Cancer Support and Save the Children). Since the show, the campaign has continued its presence on Twitter to promote volunteering across the third sector.

This fantastic figure not only highlights the power social media can have on a charity’s social impact, but that people are recognising their responsibility to help increase social value within society. In light of this we look at 5 top tips for getting your social media right so that it contributes to a positive increase both in terms of social impact and your organisations growth.


Ben Pearce, from the CAN Invest team, says:

“We’ve noticed that when organisations are small and in the early stages of growth, social media, particularly Twitter, is a really effective way of reaching people. It’s a way of making people aware of your organisation, telling people what you’re doing and finding volunteers and beneficiaries too. You can then continue to broadcast your impact and growth, sometimes due to those first followers.”


Know your audience

Be sure to learn what content and format your audience is likely to engage with. Do you get more hits on videos and visuals as apposed to text articles or are top tips the most popularly read items?


Make sure your content is relevant and consistent

Leading on from the above, understanding your audience and the posts they engage with, will allow you to channel your efforts into the right types of content which are relevant to your audience.


Create a content plan

A content plan is essential to keep you on track with posts and content. By doing a plan you are able to create and plan content for several weeks in advance, this prevents a last minute panic to post on the day and staring at a blank screen unsure of what to write!


Interact with your audience

Be proactive in reaching your audience. Social media generally splits reaching your audience into two categories: Broadcast which is pushing the information out there for people to see and Engagement which is actively getting involved with your audience; respond and contribute to relevant discussions and comments. Remember to respond to questions, messages and comments in a timely manner so your audience know you are invested in their feedback.


Use trending (but relevant) hashtags and keywords

By using relevant trends on social media this will help increase your reach and visibility to potential followers. Many audiences have an understanding of what they are looking for and the hashtag and keyword tools are the most efficient way for them to find it.


These are just a few tips to get you started. What to learn more about the impact your social media could have?

The Social Media Exchange, which brings together top names across the not for profit sector returns on Monday 8th February 2016. The workshops and discussions will focus on how to increase the communication and fundraising impact of Charities and Social Enterprises and help them develop their strategies for social media for the coming year. You can book your tickets here.


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