Has your charity embraced the power of video?


Has your charity embraced the power of video?

Over the last year, it has become clear that being present on social media is no longer an option for charities. There have been countless blogs this year which have illustrated that in order to get maximum impact from your social channels you need to utilise visual content such as video, infographics and GIFs to grab the attention of your audience.

Charities can benefit hugely from using video content in not just social media, but in wider marketing efforts. A study by HubSpot revealed that video views are growing at a staggering rate and this is only set to continue. In 2015, plays exceeded 44% (up 74% from 2014 and up 844% since 2012!) So, is it time that you started thinking about using video?


The rise of mobile video

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How can video help charities?

Why is video such a powerful medium and how can it help promote your charity’s message? Here are some key reasons on how video can help you and why you should start consider using it:

  • Emotional appeal – People want to work with, buy from and interact with other people. Video is currently the best way to get that face-to-face appeal but with the added advantage of crafting your message in a clear and concise way. People also react to content that engages them; with a compelling video you can naturally increase interest in your brand.

  • Edit, Cut and perfect – Unlike a catalogue or brochure which can quickly become dated as your charity evolves, people move on or your message needs to change, a video can evolve and adapt with you. 

  • Grab their attentionAccording to studies, the average attentions span of an internet user is 8.25 seconds, that’s less than a goldfish (9 seconds)! A video can simplify large amounts of text which people don’t have time to digest and can help build trust in your brand. 

  • Stand out from the crowd – If your charity is running a marketing campaign you will want maximum exposure. The human brain remembers far more from imagery than it does from text; video makes for a far more engaging email amongst the usual social media notifications, dates for diaries and other marketing emails. 

  • 24 Hour availability – Even after your doors close for the evening or weekend, video is still available to potential customers. With most of us now owning a smartphone or tablet device, most will access videos during times when the general workforce isn't readily available – fill the gap with video and it will reach people when you can’t.

How CAN are embracing video to spread our key messages...

We work with a vast array of social enterprises and charities, all of whom are incredibly busy promoting the great work they do. We understand that time is precious so, we are currently working to ensure that all content is visually engaging. The marketing team recently worked in collaboration with CAN customer and social enterprise, Catch Creative to create a fun stop-motion video to showcase the variety of meeting rooms CAN Mezzanine have to offer:


For more video inspiration why not visit our YouTube channel?

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