Is Silence Golden When It Comes To Video?


How can subtitles unlock the power of your video

We recently looked at why video was going to be an important factor in not only charity marketing but all businesses marketing efforts.

New statistics have confirmed that video is going to be a trend that cannot be ignored. In fact, four times as many customers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it, and by the end of 2017, video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic.  If you weren’t already thinking about video, these statistics should convince you!

Mobile usage has overtaken desktop



Mobile V Desktop – How will this effect video?

In November 2016, for the first time ever, mobile internet usage overtook desktop. This prevents a hurdle for marketing teams; it takes time and investment to create impactful visuals but if users are watching videos on silent mode, they may miss the key message. 85% of videos watched on Facebook are watched without sound. Ways of overcoming this are by ensuring you use striking visuals and subtitles which make video almost limitless and you can see an array of benefits:

  • Giving customer control - they can watch anytime, anywhere, even with no sound as they have a narrative to follow.
  • Increased EngagementResearch has shown that subtitled content out-performed non-subtitled content in all areas that were tested. This in turn leads to an increase in brand awareness and achievement of business objectives. 
  • Clear Messaging – With relevant subtitles there is less risk of the message being lost if users play the video without sound.


Video is going to break the budget – or is it?

If budget is an issue and constraining your video marketing efforts, there are some great tools out there to help. A great example is HITFilm, free editing and VFX software that enables charities and businesses to create impactful videos without busting the budget.


What are CAN doing when it comes to video?

Melanie El-Gorr, Digital Content and Copy Executive at CAN, said:

"We are investing more into video content at CAN; it has become an important communication tool for us to put out creative messages for our office desk space and meeting room hire facilities. We currently display video on our reception screens and our internal digital noticeboards will also have this facility by June 2017. Subtitles are so important to engage customers, as it is not appropriate to play sound in these areas of the Mezzanine. Our customers are embracing video more also, so will benefit from being able to advertise on these facilities. Video is becoming a very important part of our digital strategy."


We worked with social enterprise, Catch Creative to produce our newest animation video to show how to use our meeting room booking screens at CAN Mezzanine, Borough:

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