Local Charity and Community Group Sustainability Survey


Local Charity and Community Group Sustainability Survey

Localgiving are conducting a survey into the state of the local voluntary sector and would like to invite you to participate. 

The results will be used to produce a report outlining the key issues facing local charities and community groups across the UK, which will be published this autumn.


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What will you be asked about? 

The survey will collect general information about your organisation and ask questions specifically related to funding, expenditure, service delivery and fundraising.

In addition to collecting data, we'd also love to hear your views on current trends and find out about the key concerns currently affecting your organisation.There is a comment box provided at the end where you can express any additional points you may wish to make. 

How will we use the report? 

We will endeavour to secure widespread media coverage for the published report to help raise awareness of the sector.
In addition, we will use the report to support our advocacy work with the government and help us to secure extra funding from both public and private funders to benefit local groups across the country. 

Please note, the closing date for responses is Tuesday 8th of September.


Please help us to make your voice heard. Thank you.

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