Martina Borosova, Business Manager, Loman Street


Martina Borosova, Business Manager, Loman Street

1. What is your role at CAN?

Business Manager, Loman Street


 2. What does your role entail?

I oversee CAN Mezzanine at Loman Street managing all aspects that relate to office management, sales and Health & Safety. It’s a really wide spectrum of tasks but it’s great to be hands-on and get the opportunity to talk to customers and organisations.


3.    How long have you been a part of the CAN Team?

5 years in April – I originally joined as an Operations Manager, promoted to Deputy Manager and I’m now in my current role as Business Manager.


4.    What’s great about working for CAN?

It’s such a varied experience, every day can be different. I also love that I get the chance to build relationships with such a range of people and help them make a real difference.


5.    In your role as Business Manager what would be your top tip to others?


Be strict with time management – make sure you keep the balance between being assertive and helpful. 


6.    Which 5 famous people would you invite to a dinner party and why?


  • Cate Blanchett – I find her very intriguing, think she’s a great actress and would love to know what she’s like in real life
  • Tom Hanks – he’s an amazing actor, funny and approachable. It would be great to have a chat and find out more
  • Norah Jones – I really like her music
  • Ian Gillan – singer with Deep Purple, they’ve been going so long and it would be great to find out how it all started and the journey him and the band have been on.
  • John Snow – I’d love to hear his stories from both his journalism career but also his involvement in charities and social enterprises 


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