Meet the Team - Chief Exec, CAN - Andrew Croft


Meet the Team - Chief Exec, CAN - Andrew Croft

1. What is your role at CAN?

Chief Exec


2. What does your role entail?


Overall I’m accountable for ensuring that we’ve got sound budgeting, that we are performing appropriately against this budget and that we stay focused on delivering to our core mission. 

In doing this key activities include; liaising with all of the Heads of Departments to discuss any issues they have and to continually review objectives, looking into the future particularly in relation to financing our growth - identifying and reviewing potential opportunities here is key!


3. How long have you been a part of the CAN Team? 

8 years – I originally started as Director of CAN Mezzanine and was responsible for the replication and growth of the Mezzanine concept.


4. What’s great about working for CAN?


Several things…We’ve got a fantastic team that money alone wouldn’t buy! We have an unparalleled customer base and the community of social interest that we have created and work in is energizing in a way that other working opportunities wouldn’t be. 


5. In your role as Chief Executive what would be your top tip to others? 

Always challenge norms!


6. Which 5 famous/inspiring people would you invite to a dinner party and why?


In light of the answer to my last question I’m going to invite 5 people I find inspiring rather than those that are deemed ‘famous’. All of these are role models within the Social Enterprise sector and have done amazing work over the years to get it to where it is today. My 5 are… 

  • Steve Wyler OBE – Locality
  • Peter Holbrook – Social Enterprise UK
  • Glenys Thornton, Baroness Thornton - Shadow Equalities Minister House of Lords
  • Claire Dove OBE DL – Social Enterprise UK
  • Helen Taylor-Thompson OBE – Life President, CAN


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