Meet the Team - Head of Business Development - Kirstin Ross


Meet the Team - Head of Business Development - Kirstin Ross

1. What does your role entail?

Lots of different things, every day is different! I work on business development for both CAN Mezzanine and CAN Invest. A lot of my work involves creating opportunities and project management whether that be about new space, engaging with local authorities,, or potential service development projects;but also includes reviewing contracts, legal documents, bid and funding applications and lots more…there’s a lot of paperwork! I also head up our property advice CAN Advise where we provide free property advice, this could be workshops, working with affiliates but ultimately it’s all about pointing people in the right direction.


2.    How long have you been a part of the CAN Team?

I joined the team in January 2006, when I started I was the Business Manager at CAN Mezzanine London Bridge.


3.    What’s great about working for CAN?

The people! I get to work with great colleagues but also a wide range of people across the sector from organisations to other providers. It’s great building a premises network and in engaging with people it feels like your really making a difference.


 4.    In your role as Head of Business Development what would be your top tip to others? 

Never discount opportunities! Sometimes opportunities can be slow burns and have long lead times, the key here is to stick with it and build relationships so that you’re there when the time is right


5.    Which 5 famous people would you invite to a dinner party and why?


  • Iain Banks –  a great Scottish writer , I love his books and I think his conversation would be great covering a broad range of topics. I’d also love to meet someone that has the brain for writing such great sci-fi!
  • Rosa Parks – I just think she is so inspirational and courageous; she’d be an absolutely fascinating dinner guest.
  • Michael Palin – he has a lovely voice, seems funny and down to earth and his  travelling experiences would be fascinating to hear about.
  • David Niven – completing charming and a great actor. I’d have loved to have met him so he’d definitely get a spot.
  • Olivia Colman – no matter what her role is her acting is just brilliant! She seems witty, funny and down to earth in interviews so I think she’d be a great guest.


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