Meet the Team - Mayowa Agienoji, Finance Manager


Meet the Team - Mayowa Agienoji, Finance Manager

1. What does your role entail?

Making sure all finance transactions are entered correctly, reporting daily on cash balances, maintaining tables and HR files as well as ensuring that all invoices are paid and that all customers are invoiced.


2. How long have you been a part of the CAN Team?

Just over 3 years – when I joined as a Finance Officer


3. What’s great about working for CAN?

 There’s always lots of variety and isn’t your run of the mill role. Working across the whole group there is always a need to engage the brain.



4. In your role as Finance Manager what would be your top tip to others?

Be organised! Things can change really quickly so you need to be on top of things, make sure you capture everything so that reporting remains correct and accurate. 


5. Which 5 famous people would you invite to a dinner party and why?

  • Arsene Wenger – I really admire what he has done at Arsenal and I’d also like the chance to pick his brains for my two boys who play football. 
  • Nelson Mandela – I’d love to find out first hand where he got his strength to stand by his convictions even when things got tough. 
  • Jeremy Hunt – I’d like to be able to ask him some tough questions about what he is currently doing. 
  • Peter Firth – who plays Harry in the BBC programme ‘Spooks’ – calm, confident and dedicated – admirable traits to have, even if it is the character he is playing! 
  • My Grandad – I have fond memories of the stories he used to tell when I was a child growing up in Nigeria. He was a warm, charismatic man and I think he’d be a fantastic addition to any party! 


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