More charities embracing digital to increase funds


More charities embracing digital to increase funds

We’ve recently looked at the importance of the third sector embracing digital in order to safeguard their futures. Changes are clearly happening as social media channels such as Facebook are launching tools to help charities increase their profile online and help share their cause with a wider audience. A recent survey by Brandwatch showed that charities are increasing their online presence via social media. 

Charities are embracing digital to raise their online profile

There has been increasing news coverage of charities embracing digital to help promote their cause and in turn, increase their fundraising potential – the ice bucket challenge is a perfect example of charities utilising social media to promote good causes such as CAN Mezzanine customer, the MND Association. In another recent blog, we also looked at how, if fundraising moved to a more digitally focussed platform, more of the public would be willing to donate. 

One charity that is certainly in agreement with this is The British Red Cross, who have just launched a digital campaign. The campaign will target 10.5 million runners and aim to spread knowledge of vital first aid skills. The charity is utilising multiple digital tools to help promote the campaign, such as the hashtag #UpYourGame, a dedicated website section, a series of education videos and the charity have also built a bespoke purpose-built app for smartphone users. The implementation of digital is not just limited to charities themselves; The Charity Commission has recently said that a digital transformation is a key part of its strategic plan for the year ahead.

British Red Cross App

What is CAN doing?

We appreciate the need to embrace digital in order to reach our customers and help promote the service CAN have to offer to the third sector. We recently transformed our internal intranet with a brand new social platform called CANNECT. This platform allows our staff and the VCSE’s (Voluntary, Charity and Social Enterprise) who live with us, to collaborate and connect with one another. We now have sign-in screens and digital noticeboards (CANvases) throughout our four mezzanine sites which display and promote local events, fundraising activities and general announcements.

CAN is embracing digital!

Steven Packer, Sales and Marketing Manager at CAN said, "With a fairly new marketing team on board, it is our intention to use all digital platforms to their optimum effect. Exciting times are ahead and our networking and collaboration opportunities will become even more realised with meaningful content and enhanced use of digital media."



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