New fundraising platform will donate 100% of donations to charity


New fundraising platform will donate 100% of donations to charity

Fundraising platforms are a fantastic example of the digital world merging with the third sector. However, there is one caveat, the platforms all take a percentage of donations to cover their costs, generate a profit or take a cut from the Gift Aid raised by donations. This is all about to change; this month a new platform is being launched and 100% of donations will go directly to supported charities.

The new platform, The Wonderful Organisation has been launched by Manchester businessman Kieron James to initiate some competition amongst other fundraising platforms and give fundraisers an alternative choice to sites such as JustGiving and Go Fund Me. 

Fundraising Platforms fees and costs

*MyDonate fees are 15p flat fee per donation. So a single £1000 would cost 15p and a £1 donation would also cost 15p. Image source: Reason Digital

Charities including Cancer Research UK, Dogs Trust and Mind have already signed up to the new platform, which uses the strapline ‘Don’t Just Give…Be Wonderful’ and will also alleviate users from any card processing charges as telecommunications company, Nexbridge (which James co-founded) will cover all these costs. The pledge from Nexbridge allows the first million pounds of donations to be processed and paid in full to the charities. After the first million pounds of fundraising activity, transaction fees and all other costs will continue to be met by corporate sponsors. 

Speaking about the new service, James said:

“I don’t believe this has ever been done before and it means that all the wonderful people running, swimming, cycling, baking cakes or shaving their heads for charity can be sure that every single penny they raise goes to the causes they care about.”

The design of the new service gives both registered charities and fundraisers the opportunity to add details of their event to the website. This can then be shared so that family, friends and colleagues can donate easily. Each month, the website transfers all funds raised through the activities of fundraisers to charities’ bank accounts, making no deductions whatsoever.

James added:

“We believe the charities they support should receive every penny from their fundraising efforts. We also believe that Gift Aid should be directed in full to the charities rather than the operators of fundraising platforms.

“This is why the Wonderful Organisation will not generate profit, or even cover costs, by deducting money from fundraisers’ sponsors or Gift Aid contributions. We are a non-profit organisation run by volunteers and funded entirely by like-minded, philanthropic businesses. That’s what makes us Wonderful!” Source Charity Digital News



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