Part 2 - Gary Phillips shares "6 of the best experiences"


Part 2 - Gary Phillips shares "6 of the best experiences"

Following the first part of this article this is the concluding part where Gary Phillips, Head of Marketing & Sales for CAN Mezzanine shares the final 3 of his “6 of the best” experiences and some top tips that he has gained over the past few years in filling up office space at CAN’s 2 London offices Old Street and Loman Street.

4. First appearances do count!

I had conducted a successful tour with a very interested party who thanked me politely for my time and left still smiling. I had noticed that they had also smiled a lot throughout the tour. Twenty minutes later , I discovered why!- the skin of a  black olive that was  covering my front teeth made me look as though I was an extra from a Black Death period drama or that I was about to go into a boxing ring with my gum shield in place!

On another occasion I had an important second viewing with a Finance director and CEO of a charity, who were making final arrangements with me to move in. One of the main attractions of CAN Mezzanine was that our office facilities were of a high standard and looked very professional.

So when the bottle of Hot Chilli sauce that I was shaking for my lunch time sandwich, exploded all over my white shirt, leaving me looking as though I was an extra from a Quentin Tarrantino film, the image that I portrayed to them was a little un-professional.

However the fumes from the sauce definitely affected the tour as I spent most of the 20 minute viewing in tears and in a state of semi-hallucination!

5. Open plan space creates a strong community: People talk to each other

 An important part of CAN’s appeal is that our Mezzanine office space creates a special community feel, with the majority of organisations and individuals collaborating and networking with each other. This is not always the case with our prospective customers. Two new customers in our Old Street Mezzanine ended up being located next to each other on the same floor. They found out over their first introductory “Good Morning conversation”, that they had previously been located  directly next to each other in contained offices, in the same building  for 18 months and had never spoke!


Insight: Do we take time to get to know the people we work with and could this lead to future collaborative opportunities 

 6. Times to avoid when conducting viewings

  • Fire alarms, always interesting conducting a tour of the premises whilst standing in the opposite street with 400 other people in -2 temperatures.
  • Evenings, when I have forgotten that a Yoga class is taking place in the conference rooms and peeking through the window of a dark room with no one there, proceeding to boldy walk in with 3 guests straight into a group of a class of 12, firmly in the middle of what can only be described as a very complex movement! Polite requests to join in were turned down with a red face!
  • Cake Sales, Any profits made on rental deals can be lost by providing cakes for guests that are being shown around, always seems to be a large party on cake sale days!
  • Wimbledon Semi-finals day, CAN Mezzanine have a TV that is provided in our break out area and is used for the viewing of major outbreaks of news (budgets, disasters and of course Wimbledon). After announcing that meeting rooms offer privacy and good places to create confidentiality imagine my delight when turning the corner into our meeting room suite, being greeted with a highly charged cacophony of sound screaming: COME ON MURRAY- at least he won!

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