Social Enterprises are booming


The seventh SE100 annual report has just been published by NatWest, the biggest survey of the UK social enterprise sector. The report covers turnover, growth, profitability and employment.

Launched in 2010 the objective of the report is to garner a better understanding of the work done by the social enterprises in the UK; to track the success of social businesses by looking at their growth and the impact they deliver. The first report delivered data from 350 enterprises and this year, over 2120 social enterprises were included, with a turnover of £8.5 billion.

The results from this year’s survey shows that social enterprises are growing, they are reinvesting millions of pounds into doing good and providing jobs for people who want to make a difference to our country and beyond.

Please note, all findings are based on the data supplied by the social enterprises on the index.

Key findings:

• The average year on year growth in turnover for the established social enterprise is 61%

• The average year on year growth in turnover of the 100 fastest growing enterprises is 932%

• 57% reported a positive growth in their turnover

• Social enterprises raised a combined total of £934 million in profit in 2016

• The median turnover of all social enterprises is £92,277

• 84% of the enterprises are SME’s or micro-enterprises

• The total turnover of the biggest 100 enterprises is £6.5 billion, representing 78% of the total turnover of the whole index

• Data from 610 enterprises shows that they employ a total of nearly 116,000 people, an average of 190 people per enterprise

• 44% of the enterprises are between five and nine years old

• The average turnover of enterprises under three years old is £634,000

• The average turnover of enterprises that are ten years older or more is £8 million

These results demonstrate that social enterprises are coming of age, they are growing as they mature and providing a positive impact on our economy as well as on the disadvantaged and marginalised.

The WISE100

The NatWest WISE100 (Women in Social Enterprise 100) is a new initiative from the NatWest SE100 which aims to recognize and celebrate 100 leading women in social enterprise, impact investing and social innovation.

Nominations are open from Friday 12 May until Thursday 31 August 2017.

For more information and to cast your vote.

Read the report in full.

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