Social Value Act to be Reviewed


Social Value Act to be Reviewed

During the opening plenary of the Social Value Awards earlier this month, the Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson, announced that the Social Value Act would be subject to a further review this year.


The Social Value (or Public Services) Act 2012 came into action in 2013, and places a duty on public bodies to consider the social, environmental and economic impact of the services they commission.


Wilson announced that he would be running a review of the act to see the progress that had been made following the concerns raised in the 2015 review. Lord Young led the 2015 review, and calls were made on the driving forces of the act, Social Enterprise UK and National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), to strengthen the act to ensure it was implemented by more public bodies.


Social Enterprise UK have released a report, ‘Procuring For Good’ which highlights that 1 in 3 local authorities (33%) now consider social value in their procurement and commissioning. 25% of local authorities now also have a social value policy.


Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive of SEUK said:

“We welcome the Minister’s announcement of an imminent review of the Social Value Act, which has enabled much of the public sector to improve commissioning and procurement practice and outcomes despite its limitations. We are confident that a stronger Social Value Act could contribute greatly to the Prime Minister’s aim of creating an economy that works for all and look forward to helping Government achieve that aim. ” Source SEUK.


Wilson said he was “committed to a public sector that is a catalyst for innovation and gets much more social impact for every single pound it spends” Source Pioneers Post.


It is widely agreed that a further strengthening of the Social Value Act will help lead to further positive change and a society which works for everybody.



CAN’s reaction to the review


Chief Executive of CAN, Andrew Croft said, “A stronger Social Value Act would be a significant step forward in the quest to elicit greater social impact as added value in procurement.” 


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