Specialised charity premises developed for leading national children’s charity by CAN Mezzanine


Specialised charity premises developed for leading national children’s charity by CAN Mezzanine

Auditory Verbal UK, the national charity teaching deaf babies and children to listen and speak and reach their full potential in life, have been able to move into a totally fit-for-purpose office space thanks to the property expertise and development of CAN Mezzanine.

Auditory Verbal UK now have their own exclusive space in a building in Bermondsey, SE London, which is equipped with office space for staff and has therapy rooms for the children who use the service, as well as room for training for specialists.


Auditory Verbal UK got in touch with CAN to look at shared office space. However, the needs of the children and the families, and the service they provide, meant they required a space where the children could benefit from a soundproofed environment but also able to make a lot of noise whilst learning to listen and speak.

Anita Grover, Chief Executive of Auditory Verbal said,

“It is really important for us to create a supportive, welcoming, positive and bright environment for the families of young deaf children that we work with. CAN have been very understanding and supportive of our requirements. They have worked to develop the space and make it totally fit for purpose. Now we’re not going anywhere!”

Talking about the process of locating and developing the property for them, Kirstin Ross, Head of Business Development said:

 “We began by finding out what AVUK’s operational requirements were, how they wanted to use the space, any must-haves, any nice-to-haves. We did a review of their  premises in Holborn and addressed any limitations it had. We needed to make sure that their new premises were designed in a way that enhanced their current and future business potential and the service and customer experience Auditory Verbal UK are able to provide to their service users.

This was a new venture for CAN and we would be looking to do more projects like this in the future.”

Auditory Verbal UK have taken on the property for a five year lease. You can find out more about Auditory Verbal by visiting their website. If you’re looking for charity office space or would like to speak to someone about property advice please visit the CAN Mezzanine website.

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