Survey finds 76% of people have supported a charity in the last year


Survey finds 76% of people have supported a charity in the last year

Over the past year it has been clear that the relationship between the public and charities has been fragile, with many saying they were becoming untrusting of charities and felt pressurised into donating, raising questions about the future of front-line fundraising. This relationship has received a positive boost recently when the results of a survey by PolicyBee and OnePoll, which asked 2,000 people whether they have given to charity, was published. The survey highlighted that of the 2,000 respondents, 76% of people have supported a local charity by making a purchase in a charity shop over the last year.

Other methods of donations were also highlighted in the survey; 48% of people surveyed donated via street donations, 36% donated while attending a charity fundraising event and 28% made a donation online. Online donations are only set to grow, with the introduction of apps and websites such as JustGiving, CrowdFunder and GoFundMe making it easy and quicker for the public to donate and fundraise to local causes than ever before.

What is Charity?

A key part of the survey was to illuminate what charity actually means to people and the results included:

  • 73% - “giving up your time or money to someone in need”
  • 60% - “give food or other aid”
  • 55% - “using your skills for a good cause”
  • 39% - “spreading knowledge of worthy causes”
  • 33% - “doing more to be a part of the local community”

Here are the results for the entire survey:

PolicyBee Charity Shop purchases

Infographic by PolicyBee

Unleashing your spending power.

Campaigns such as #GivingTuesday and TextSanta are prime examples of how charity is seen as something which encourages people to give back to their community. The popularity of both grows year on year and we see donation figures soar and record broken for total amounts raised.

Doing good for your community and giving some of your time or a donation is also promoted by campaigns such as Social Saturday, run by Social Enterprise UK.  Social Saturday encourages both the public and businesses to buy from social enterprise and organisations that help improve the lives of others. The survey highlighted that people believe charity is about doing more “to be a part of their community” and campaigns such as Social Saturday bring the nation together as one community to help make a difference and support UK charities.


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