Thare Machi Education are Crowd Funding


Thare Machi Education are publishing interactive health education in local languages for use all over the world

Thare Machi Education was founded by CAN’s Life President, Helen Taylor Thompson, and frequently use desk space at CAN Mezzanine Borough.


The charity aims to spread interactive health education in local languages to communities at risk from HIV, malaria, human trafficking, lack of safe water and more. At the time of writing there are 32 lesson titles; each one is available in up to 66 languages. The lessons are delivered on DVD and are free of charge for partners, though donations are welcomed.


In order to increase the number of lessons available for South Africa, Thare Machi has turned to crowd funding. With eleven languages needed, there are up to 200 lessons still needing to be made to enable people to hear information in their own language. Money raised will help source new translations and recordings of the English scripts in Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele, Tswana and more, and fund the final production work needed on each lesson.


To support the Crowdfunding campaign for health education for South Africa, find out more:


If you’d like to know more about Thare Machi Education and other languages that they can support, or you know of projects that might benefit from lessons please visit or contact

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