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We're Hiring! CAN Mezzanine seeks Operations Manager


We're Hiring! CAN Mezzanine seeks Operations Manager, London

Job Title:   CAN Mezzanine Operations Manager
Reporting to:  CAN Mezzanine Business Manager

Main purpose of the job:    To assist CAN Mezzanine Business Manager to develop all aspects of CAN Mezzanine, including the day-to-day operations and additional locations as directed, a start-up shared office space for social enterprise. To work closely with the CAN Mezzanine team to grow the business and help create an organisation committed to innovation and continuous improvement.

Main Duties:
Business and Financial Management
  • Maintain optimum level of occupancy, assist Business Manager with tours and space planning. 
  • Process service requests from customers including reception.
  • Oversee and manage policy & procedures regarding reception compliance.
  • Achieve high levels of customer service.
  • Provide move-in assistance to new licensees.
  • Assist Business Manager with compilation of financial and other reports for Finance dept. & Director of Operations as required.
  • Assist and inform Business Manager of on-going cost lines (KPI’s)
  • Maintain and monitor contracts for services, ensuring best value from suppliers.
  • Set standards of tidiness and good conduct throughout the building.
  • Assist with compliance of all statutory requirements including Health & Safety, Fire Prevention and First Aid.
  • Assist with implementation of Environmental Policy.
  • Manage maintenance of building and Maintenance Operative.
  • Manage hot desks and virtual office facilities.
  • Assist with building IT management.
  • Collate invoices for Business Manager, prepare utility breakdowns and assist with budget coding.
Marketing and Communications:
  • Assist Business Manager in development, installation and awareness of new services for licensees.
  • Market and promote the business externally.
  • Develop and encourage networking, collaboration and communication between the licensees.
  • Foster a culture of communities of social interest among Mezzanine customers.
  • Chair and sign off minutes of quarterly “Take the Floor” meetings with customers.
  • Work closely with the marketing and communications team in promoting the social business model to enhance profile and customer analysis as well as overseeing creation of communication materials for building.
  • Host and oversee monthly networking events including other events that arise throughout the year.
  • To ensure all data relating to existing and prospective customers is held accurately on the CRM system.
  • Manage intranet house-keeping and “guide to working in the mezz”.
  • Be a key member of the CAN Mezzanine team to help implement our Mezzanine replication programme
Specific responsibility for people:
  • Potential staff/people management according to individual Mezzanine site and overall business requirements as the Mezzanine grows
  • Act as an ambassador for CAN and CAN Mezzanine.
  • Attend training, meetings and events both internally and externally as reasonable required by the organisation.
  • Undertake other duties as reasonably required by the organisation.
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If you'd like to apply please submit an application by 17th March to

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