What does the future hold for ‘front-line’ fundraising?


What does the future hold for ‘front-line’ fundraising?

A recent study conducted by YouGov has shown that 13% of Brits have felt pressurised into donating to charities when they have been asked to. Could this, in addition to the anti-campaigning clause and stricter fundraising guidelines introduced by government, see a reduction in front line fundraising? The research carried out by YouGov found 31% said it was street fundraisers putting them off donating while 43% of people interviewed said a lack of transparency on where the money is spent has dissuaded them from donating. Yougov's research has also demonstrated that there has been a fall in trust between the public and charities over the last three years:



In response to the recent speculation on front line fundraising, there is a free app that launched earlier this year which is set to shake up traditional methods. Ralli, will allow people to donate anything up to three pounds via their mobile phone bill. It has been created using modern technology and ensures that charities receive more of the money donated than traditional means. Ralli claims that of 2,175 adults questioned, 28% would be more likely to give money to charity via an app if this meant they would receive fewer cold calls from charities.

Despite the controversy surrounding fundraising, Charity Times has recorded that the UK’s top 100 fundraising charities achieved record income in 2014/15. The charities saw an average increase of 15 per cent and total income was £9.6bn, a record high. However, with increased uncertainty surrounding fundraising it is questionable how long this trend of growth will continue. With factors such as loss of public faith and the new fundraising regulatory regime it seems to be becoming more difficult for charities of all sizes to fundraise.

In spite of stricter measures, fundraisers can receive support, leadership and training from the Institute of Fundraising which holds a Fundraising Convention annually to help single fundraisers up to charitable organisation extend their reach and networking opportunities. 

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