Clive Dove-Dixon Biography


Clive has extensive experience in setting up and running commercial services in the public sector. He was Director of the Commercial Group at the University of Warwick for 12 years and he then used his public sector and commercial skills to advise Councils on remodelling their Adult Social Care services. Working as a consultant for Care and Health Solutions, Clive has helped set up several Local Authority Trading Companies, Council Owned organisations created to deliver Adult Social Care Services more efficiently and effectively on behalf of the owner Councils.

Clive is a volunteer Skipper for the Rona Sailing Project. The Project runs Sail Training Voyages for young people and for those with physical or learning difficulties, for the visually impaired and deaf, for those with mental illness and for those in treatment for, or recovery from, drug or alcohol addiction. Clive has been a volunteer for the Project for 25 years.

Clive has also volunteered for Thare Machi Education (TME) for the past 13 years. TME changes the lives of the world’s most disadvantaged people by teaching them how to protect themselves from threats to their health and lives. They do this by publishing interactive lessons on some of the world’s biggest health and life threats in multiple languages, online and on DVDs, and distributing them to the world’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.

Clive was Chair of all four Boards at the HTT foundation before he was appointed Chief Executive at CAN Mezzanine 1st June 2020.