Rohan Martyres Biography

Rohan Martyres, CAN

Rohan is Director of Impact and Investment at CAN. He leads on CAN Invest services for VCSEs, including social investment funds, and advisory in social impact and social investment readiness.  Through this work, he supports a wide range of entrepreneurial charities and social enterprises to ameliorate social disadvantage in a more effective and financially sustainable manner.

He says: “CAN is undertaking valuable work. It helps social enterprises and charities understand and improve their social interventions and business models, with clear benefits for their ongoing viability and their social impact."

"Alongside other activity, this furthers CAN’s broader vision of helping the sector achieve an ambitious goal: to substantially re-orient capitalism away from short-term financial profit toward a more holistic concern for financial viability within a context of social and environmental sustainability. I am proud to be part of an organisation working to these ends.”

Rohan has extensive UK and international experience including with universities, local government, and of course a range of social enterprises, NGOs and other non-profits.  He has worked in Australia, South and East Asia, Africa and Europe.  He is an accredited SROI practitioner, and holds three first-class degrees from the University of Melbourne and the University of Cambridge.