Redevelopment of Loman Street


About CAN

Founded in Southwark 20 years ago, we have three affordable office buildings in Loman Street, Great Dover Street and Bermondsey where 79 charities or social enterprise organisations are based.  We also have two more buildings in Old Street and Hounslow (in partnership with the local authority) – in total we are a home for 160 charities, (1400 individuals working for social impact) many of which wouldn’t be able to afford central London premises without us.

You can find out more about us here.


Our building at Loman Street

Our Loman Street building is where around 270 individuals work for charities, social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations. We offer office space (at a significantly lower rate than the market value for the area) and provide an environment where these people and groups can work collaboratively together, often towards common goals.

While the building at Loman Street is at full capacity, with demand from other charities needing affordable space, sadly it is no longer fit for purpose.  It requires modernisation and much better use of space. The building is not fully accessible to all users with disabilities, has out of date and insufficient kitchen and meeting room space, and a dated air conditioning system. It would also benefit from significantly better designed internal spaces allowing for a higher capacity of workstations.

While we encourage those who work in our buildings to cycle, the cycle racks on Risborough Street are often targeted by thieves. 

In addition, our Borough building just 4 minutes’ walk away is leasehold. The lease has just over six years until it expires and we have little hope of renewing this in a market that has leasehold costs constantly rising.

To prevent the organisations at our Borough building being pushed out of Southwark with its established third sector talent, and easy access to City donors and politicians at Westminster, we have a requirement to develop a larger building at our Loman Street site, which we own.

In short, if we want to further our mission of helping charities, social enterprise and not-for-profit organisations to find affordable workspace in central London and prevent their displacement from the diverse community in Southwark– we need to redevelop our Loman Street building.


Public Consultation

On Friday the 15th February and Saturday the 16th February we held a public exhibition at 32-36
Loman Street, Southwark, SE1 0EH to share our exciting plans for the redevelopment of our
Loman Street building.

At the event, we presented our vision for the site and invited feedback from the local community.
If you were unable to attend the event all of the information displayed at the exhibition is now
available to view here.


What’s happening now?

We have now submitted our plans to Southwark Council for determination.

These plans can be viewed directly here.

Since the public consultation, we have made some amends directly off of the back of issues raised by neighbouring residents.  

  • We have stepped the building back along Copperfield Street, from where it was presented at the consultation.  It will now follow the line of the existing building.
  • We have moved the proposed entrance on Risborough Street to Loman Street.
  • We are no longer proposing to pedestrianise Risborough Street, it will remain a shared surface.
  • We are retaining the existing trees on Copperfield Street.

If you have any questions about the information provided, then please don't hesitate to get in
touch via our freephone number 0800 689 5209 or email